Welcome To Clumsy Grace

  A few of my passions include (but are not limited to):
  • magic
  • yoga
  • tacos
  • playing outside
  • music
  • facilitating the dreams of clients and friends (and strangers in airports)
  • marketing
  • parades, fireworks, theme parks, holidays in general
  • pink hair
  • unicorns
  • flamingos
  • kitchen dance parties
  • did I mention tacos?
  • champagne
  • tacos
This is me:                  I’m just a girl from a small town in Canada, with a writing degree, a background in marketing, and a passion for helping amazing women who want to bust through blocks and step into the inspired life they’ve been dreaming of.

My background:

  • I moved to Vancouver when I was 19 to follow a boy attend to the University of British Columbia. I majored in dramatic relationships Creative Writing
  • I’m super good at Whack-a-Mole. If you ever see me at a carnival, feel free to challenge me
  • As a single mom of an amazing, precocious daughter, I began working as an insurance broker in 2009. It was some of the most valuable business education I could ever have received, but eventually I started to have panic attacks and feel like my cubicle was eating me (sounds funny, but is absolutely true and was terrifying)
  • Insurance scratched the surface of my love of marketing, but I found working for someone else to be extremely restricting. I craved the ability to make my own schedule and choose my own projects
  • Mid-nervous breakdown (about a dude, obvi), I attended my first yoga class. Two years later (almost to the day), I taught my first yoga class. Boom.
  • After A LOT of trial and error, I worked through my blocks to loving, healthy relationships and am married to a man whom I’ve been friends with since I was ten. You can read a little bit of our love story here
  • I’ve created a beautiful business and life that works for me. I make my own schedule, I’m home with my kids, I choose the amazing women who work with me, I facilitate retreats and workshops. It’s a good life.

Do you want to know more? (If you read that in the Starship Troopers voice, we are a match made in heaven. If not, go watch Starship Troopers and report back):

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My greatest professional passion is helping people just like you get over whatever is holding you back and step into the life of light and love that’s waiting for you just beyond it. Truly.

If you’re ready to finally let go of all the crap that holds you back and step into your dream life in a huge way, send me an email at info@clumsygrace.com