You’re Here Because (tbh) You’re NOT Creating The Life You Want to Manifest

You’ve been affirming ’til the cows come home, meditating like a novice yogi, and still not seeing: *first class flights to Hawaii (to sit under the big trees with Oprah and talk about your game-changing book) *with Cardi B on your left, sipping champers and *Channing Tatum to your right, holding your Chanel purse.

Here’s the thing though:

Just meditating on that shit is NOT creating your abundant business. It’s not serving your make-believe clients (like, at ALL). It’s sure as hell not making you richer or hooking you up with your most loving relationships.
“Manifesting” without taking aligned action is just wishing on stars, babe.

Hey, I’m Erin.

And I’m never going to bullshit you. I’m a taco-obsessed life and business coach who helps authentic, hilarious women, just like you deliberately co-create the life you’ve been vision-boarding about. I used to do the same shit you’ve been trying. Visualize and journal and pray and meditate and then keep right on living in the cubicle (which I hated), dating dudes who never loved me the way Johnny loved Baby, living in a suuuuper old (suuuper haunted) house that I could scarcely afford with my corporate income. When I say that I’m obsessed with tacos, I mean it.
I once used Uber Eats to deliver late-night tacos to my hotel room in Manhattan and it was three times the price, the queso was WHACK, and it was still #WorthIt

When I say I’m obsessed with you manifesting a life that feels amazing for you and a business that supports that amazing life, I’m equally serious.

Remember that sad story I was telling you about wah wah corporate job, boo-hoo mean boys, sob sob Baby stuck in the corner? That could NOT be farther from my current reality. Through the processes I teach and share, I’ve created a coaching and educating business that supports my lifestyle (which is dope). I’m married to a hilarious, creative dude, who first proposed to me when he was five and I was ten, with a pipe-cleaner (I held out for the diamond). I’ve got two hilarious kids and we love to dance to KC and the Sunshine Band in the kitchen of our gorgeous home.
Tacos are plentiful and so is laughter and freedom (which is one of my core, desired feelings)


*Your excuses bore the shit out of me *Your procrastination breaks my heart and *Your “someday I’m gonna” doesn’t fool me for one, hot second I’m seriously serious about you figuring out with soul-deep clarity exactly why you came to this planet…with a ton of flexibility because I reserve the right to change my mind and I extend you the same courtesy.

Even more than that, I’m here to make sure that you:

  • Love yourself the MOST because you simply CAN’T create anything satisfying from a place of self-loathing
  • Call empowering, FUN, cool shit into your experience
  • Create what YOU want to create
  • SMASH through your money blocks so you can receive hella abundantly
  • Slay your demons around sales and marketing forever
  • Create and maintain healthy, supportive boundaries in every of your relationships
  • Get visible so your potential clients/tribe/lovers can find you easily
  • Take regular, inspired, strategic, intuitive, authentic action in the direction you want to go
  • And basically squeeze every delicious drop out of your one human life
Intrigued? Treat yourself to my FREE Manifesting Bad-A$$ery to get started on your REAL manifesting journey – creating dreams come true without all the bullshit disempowerment of a fairy tale. I’m exceptionally grateful that you’ve found yourself here and now because NOW is the point of power. Let’s Manifest The SHIT Out of YOUR Happiest, Most Exhilarating Life & Business, Er xo