Bad-Ass, Low-Cost Trainings!

Hey Babe!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

My name’s Erin. You can get to know me a bit better by hanging out with me on Facebook!

Short story version: I’m an International, Transformational Life and Business Coach for incredible, real-life women who KNOW they’re meant for more – more ease, more happiness, more love, more joy, more abundance. Together, we let go of the old, unhappy bullshit and reframe, forgive, and self-love into lives that feel AMAZING and resemble us completely and imperfectly and authentically.

I have two people children, two fur children, a rad husband, a lovely house in a small town. I love to travel the world and work from home in my sweatpants, in equal measure. I’m all about Disneyland, rap music (all music), tacos, champagne, hiking, and manifesting incredible dreams.

Welp, now that that’s out of the way, check out some awesome, low cost offers that I’ve made for you over the years.

I often do free, live trainings on Facebook (or YouTube Live) and then offer the replay for free for about 24 hours, then convert it to a super low cost offer. Sounds dope, right?! If you follow me on FB, you can be on the cutting edge of new trainings as they happen!

For now, check out these AMAZING offers (all prices in Canadian Dollars – so if you’re American or European, this is HUGELY in your favour):

The Make Your Own Rules Club (my monthly membership group) Starts at $11.11 per month

Welcoming Total Abundance Digital Training $14 CAD

How Not to Settle Video Training $17

Spiritual & Strategic Secrets to Creating More Income and More Fun in your Soul-Based Business (with Adele Olson) $19

These trainings are awesome. The people who attended them live completely LOVED them. I know that you will too

If you have any questions, send me a FB message or email my team at