ClumsyGrace Podcast: Episode 1

    Real Social Marketing for Small Biz Women (With Big Goals and Small Budgets):   Why Every Single Woman Entrepreneur NEEDS to be Thinking About Long-Game Social Marketing (and what to post)   Even in the markets where they think they have nothing to say Even if you’re not an owner but you’re responsible […]

How Lakisha Pays the Rent Now

This morning, I’ve been thinking all about one of my favourite humans on planet earth, Lakisha and how she set herself up to pay her rent using a monthly subscription group coaching program she made during Market Your Magic’s beta program. When Lakisha told me that she’d registered 13 new members to her subscription group […]

The Coaching Industry is Kinda Broken…

Online Coaching is Having a Moment… In fact, it’s been having about six years of moments, culminating in everyone and their grandmother hanging a proverbial shingle, starting a Facebook Group, and calling herself a coach. Which is cool. I LOVE inclusivity. I love decentralization of education and access. But I can’t shake the feeling that […]