Interview with Natasha Botbiji

  I was beyond thrilled to be interviewed by Natasha yesterday We talked about one of my favourite topics — the evolution of a dream business (in this case, mine!). Over the course of my business things have changed a lot. Ten years ago, 24 and pregnant with my daughter. I was a graduate of a prestigious […]

Do Your Beliefs Match Your Desires?

  It’s truth o’clock, baby Here it is When you don’t feel the love you want, or have the relationship that you desire, it’s NOT because: •all the good ones are taken •there are no available/quality/attractive men/women in your town •You are somehow deficient/unworthy/damaged goods •”They” are holding out on you/not giving you what you […]

3 More Sleeps!!! Eeee!!!

  Is it just me, or does it already feel like it’s been a bit of a long, cold, lonely winter (praise Beatles)?? In a moment of blinding foresight, we sensed way back in the fall (after our Spiritual Slumber Party Fall Retreat in gorgeous Fairmont Hot Springs, BC) that we would all need some […]