Green Witch Tarot – Monday Reading

Happy Monday, Happy Spring(ish), Happy Easter (if that’s your bag)! Sorry to be a little tardy with today’s reading. I’ve been indulging in some family/pyjama time (and I sure hope you have been indulging in that which fills up your heart too). This week’s reading comes to you from my brand new Green Witch Tarot […]

You Weren’t Working, Were You?

    Who wants to be working on a Friday afternoon? “Not I,” said the cat. Okay, that’s not entirely true. This cat loves to work at the work she loves. But I’m waiting on a few things from a few people and have reached the perfect standstill for a Friday afternoon fuck-around.   Enter […]

Ritual for Manifesting Your Dreams

Are you ready to make manifest everything you’ve ever dreamed of? That was the theme of last night’s Soul Class… Brenda kicked things off with a dope tapping exercise, and a beautiful meditation, as well as sharing some info with us about the angels she kicks it with when doing her best manifesting work. We […]