Feeling Off? Don’t Worry. It’s Going Around…

  So…have you noticed that there’s kind of an energetic sh*tstorm going on? If you have, rest assured that it’s going around… It’s easy sometimes to get tunnel vision and give in to the belief that we’re the only ones feeling the way we’re feeling. Especially when we have any of the following symptoms of this unprecedented […]

Writing Challenge, Day 12 – let’s talk about shame, baby

Ever have a shame day?  Perhaps it’s spawned by nothing at all. Or arises after seeing someone you’ve wronged, who completely hates you for good reason. Or after thinking about someone who’s wronged you in a humiliating (public?) way. Maybe it’s not even in the distant past. Maybe you screwed something up at work yesterday. […]

Writing Challenge, Day 8 – in which people start reading

The first week of my self-imposed writing challenge has come and gone and I’m happy to say that I’ve done what I said I was going to do.  I’ve written every day of 2015, thus far. And, shock and awe, some of you are actually reading what I’m writing. Some of you…pause for laughs…are even […]

Writing Challenge, Day 7 – in which I discredit myself slightly

Confession: I do not always practice what I preach.  I once heard one of my favourite yoga teachers and activists, Seane Corn say something to the effect of (forgive me the paraphrase, Seane), “please don’t think that I’m good at this stuff all the time. What I’m good at is conveying information.” If I may […]

Writing Challenge, Day 6 – anxiety shmansmiety

  Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days – Kris Carr My seven year old daughter is a highly sensitive kid who struggles occasionally with anxiety. It was a hard thing for me to realize. It pains me a bit to even say it. Not because it bothers me that […]

Writing Challenge, Day 5 – a case of the Mondays

  I used to get The Mondays hella bad when I worked in office buildings of all shapes and sizes. Back then it manifested as that sinking feeling that started in my stomach on a Sunday night that meant it was back to the grind the next morning. These days, the idea of Monday takes […]