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Be Loud With Your Weird (so Your People can Find you)

I sincerely believe that everybody has a people You just can’t tell me (and have me believe you) that there’s no people for you. Not with all of the ways in which we can currently connect with one another. There are people for all the people Even the weirdest among us can have a tribe […]

The Secret to the Having the Richest Friendships

My friendships are so freaking important to me I’ve not always been or had the greatest friends, but here in my thirties, I have such rich friendships and I think I’ve discovered the secret to having the best, most supportive friendships of your life. I’d love to share this secret with you, because I want […]

A Thank You Note to my (Messy) Single Self

Single Erin was a Hot Mess. If you knew me then, you are probably nodding. Disastrous relationships, lots of flitting about between jobs, friends, geographic locales, nervous breakdowns, a perpetually messy house…¬†Actually, there’s a likelihood that I’ve yet to live down this particular moniker and in light of the fact that there are many more […]

Playlist Thursday – Songs my Sis Likes

It would be impossible for me to overstate my love for this woman. We met when we were ten, somehow survived our tumultuous twenties and made it official when I married her brother last summer. My sister, through and through, Lins has generously agreed to my begging her to put this playlist together. I can’t […]

Playlist Thursday – Songs my Cousin Likes

My cousin, Lisa and I were raised like siblings. We’ve been best friends for our whole lives. We’ve camped together, had slumber parties (sometimes drunken slumber parties), shopped, laughed and traveled the world together. She’s one of the biggest supporters of this website and she also happens to have a taste in music that matches […]