Feeling Off? Don’t Worry. It’s Going Around…

  So…have you noticed that there’s kind of an energetic sh*tstorm going on? If you have, rest assured that it’s going around… It’s easy sometimes to get tunnel vision and give in to the belief that we’re the only ones feeling the way we’re feeling. Especially when we have any of the following symptoms of this unprecedented […]

One Minute Meditation – Know your Worth

“Do you operate on a sliding scale?” “Can you reduce your rates?” “I can’t afford to pay you right now.” If you’re a creative person or an entrepreneur, or if you do business in general, chances are you’ve heard the above sayings at least a few times in your career. It’s hard to feel valued […]

How to Kick your Drama Addiction

Once Upon a Time… I’ve told a story before on this blog, but I feel it’s worth repeating. It’s a story of a conversation I had with my therapist a few years ago. I’d been in therapy before, but this time, I was determined to really get over my hang-ups (ha!). I’d just broken up with […]

How to Beat Winter Germies

Earlier this winter, my entire family (husband, daughter, dad, and infant) were all struck down with the devil cold from Hell. Interestingly, only my mother and I were spared. Mom had some suspicious “allergies” around that time and I only had just the edges of the unholy Hellbeast. This is particularly stunning, given the fact […]

Writing Challenge, Day 8 – in which people start reading

The first week of my self-imposed writing challenge has come and gone and I’m happy to say that I’ve done what I said I was going to do.  I’ve written every day of 2015, thus far. And, shock and awe, some of you are actually reading what I’m writing. Some of you…pause for laughs…are even […]

Writing Challenge, Day 4 – but I wrote twice yesterday (and other excuses)

It’s Day four, it’s Saturday, it’s already the 82nd of January. My daughter is home from a week at her dad’s. She’s having a play date with her pal. Excuses, excuses. They’re bound to crop up, with varying degrees of effectiveness, all of them containing a grain of truth about what I should be doing […]

A Thank You Note to my (Messy) Single Self

Single Erin was a Hot Mess. If you knew me then, you are probably nodding. Disastrous relationships, lots of flitting about between jobs, friends, geographic locales, nervous breakdowns, a perpetually messy house… Actually, there’s a likelihood that I’ve yet to live down this particular moniker and in light of the fact that there are many more […]