What to do About Other People’s Behaviour

Doesn’t it just make you loco when a great friend, who’s a totally awesome chick, marries a total d-bag? I know it drives me up the freakin’ wall. It’s the worst when she realizes he’s mean to her and then stays. Hey, now. We’ve all been there (just me?). It’s the worst. It hurts my heart […]

13 Pieces of Unsolicited Dating Advice (That I Wish I’d Known Sooner)

Know who it’s super important to fall in love with? Yourself. Know who I tried to fall in love with before I figured that out? Everyone but myself It took me a long time to figure out that I needed to be my own first and best priority in love, but eventually I got there […]

Clumsy Guide to Being Your Own Valentine

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a balls Valentine’s Day I’ve been single and sad, and I’ve been in disappointing Valen-relationships. My hate/hate relationship with the day goes way back. As holidays go, it’s an over-commercialization of love and reinforces unhealthy gender roles. Nonetheless, I love love. Love is my jam. So when my […]

The Secret to the Having the Richest Friendships

My friendships are so freaking important to me I’ve not always been or had the greatest friends, but here in my thirties, I have such rich friendships and I think I’ve discovered the secret to having the best, most supportive friendships of your life. I’d love to share this secret with you, because I want […]

A Thank You Note to my (Messy) Single Self

Single Erin was a Hot Mess. If you knew me then, you are probably nodding. Disastrous relationships, lots of flitting about between jobs, friends, geographic locales, nervous breakdowns, a perpetually messy house… Actually, there’s a likelihood that I’ve yet to live down this particular moniker and in light of the fact that there are many more […]

Mastering the Art of Eating Sh*t

  **Disclaimer** I’ve been waiting since this blog’s inception for a justifiable reason to use Nirvana quotes. Confession time: sometimes, I just suck. I’m impatient with my most important people. I’d love to blame the pregnancy hormones (even just a little?) but the truth is that patience has never been my most virtuous of virtues […]