Feeling Off? Don’t Worry. It’s Going Around…

  So…have you noticed that there’s kind of an energetic sh*tstorm going on? If you have, rest assured that it’s going around… It’s easy sometimes to get tunnel vision and give in to the belief that we’re the only ones feeling the way we’re feeling. Especially when we have any of the following symptoms of this unprecedented […]

Monday Morning Insight from the Angel Cards

Happy Monday, Sweet Soul Warrior! I’ve got some great Universal insight for you in the video below. I really hope it’s helpful in planning your week.   2015 is winding down and it may feel like we’ve just climbed a mountain. In high heels. While carrying a thirty pound backpack that occasionally punches us in […]

Add Some Action to Your Big Dream

What’s your dream? Helping people get what they really want out of life is MY big dream. Nothing gives me a greater thrill than watching people go from where they are right now to where they want to be. Do you dream of hosting a talk show? Of writing a book? Of selling homemade jam or getting […]