Do you Yogassage?

Some things are just better together Like chocolate and peanut butter, like gin and lime, like peas in a pod. Like Yoga and Massage Yoga + Massage = Yogassage And that’s where you could have found me and Rhonda around six o’clock to last night. In OneLove Cranbrook’s beautiful warm studio, (literally) drooling on our […]

Why my Kid is a Yoga Kid

    “Mama, will you play yoga with me?” My daughter has grown up with yoga in the house. I came to this practice in a serious way when she was just a baby and it’s been at least one of my jobs to teach yoga ever since she was four. This past Fall, I […]

Playlist Thursday – And all that Jazz

  It’s a balmy -15 here in Cranbrook today – and mostly cloudy to boot. My original plan was for some showtunes here on Playlist Thursday as a way to boost our spirits on a cold day. After discussing this theme with some of my favourite showtune experts (my mom and my soul friend, B) […]

An Oasis for the Heart – The Joy of Heart Yoga Retreat with Karuna and Paul Erickson

I attended a workshop The Joy of Heart Yoga this weekend at my home studio with Karuna and Paul Erickson. I’d been at a really…stuck place with my own practice and it had been months, I am sad to say, since I last attended the studio class of another teacher. I’ve been expecting more, quicker advancement out […]

Playlist Thursday – Songs my Parents Like

  Today is another busy day. I’m teaching four classes and in the very middle of it all, I met up with my mom and dad (married for thirty two years) for my dad’s birthday lunch. Since I was a little pressed for time and since they are the reason for my love of all […]

Why I’m so inspired by yoga dudes

  I’ve had the privilege to be the substitute teacher for the Men’s Only Yoga Therapy class at the studio where I teach about half a dozen times in the past year. I’m always so excited to hang out with these guys. There are probably about twenty of them who are semi-regular. They make me laugh […]

5ish Day Sugar Smackdown – Day 4 and 3/4

So. This just happened. Actually, it happened about two hours ago. I had a coffee. For me, the 5 Day Sugar Smackdown ended at four days and thirteen and a half hours. Allow me to preface. My alarm (husband) forgot to wake me up this morning and as such, I was about three minutes early […]