Writing Challenge, Day 5 – a case of the Mondays

  I used to get The Mondays hella bad when I worked in office buildings of all shapes and sizes. Back then it manifested as that sinking feeling that started in my stomach on a Sunday night that meant it was back to the grind the next morning. These days, the idea of Monday takes […]

How to Throw the Perfect Party for One

  Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your won presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement. Alice Koller December 29th, 2013   The last of the family left yesterday after a raucous, amazing, fun-filled […]

The Ego Monster

We cannot really make a definition for what the ego is, but we can say what it is not. […] The ego’s opposite in every way,–in origin, effect and consequence–we call a miracle. Ego is often on my mind. I think that as a society, we’re kind of addicted to our egos and our tension. I […]

Why my Kid is a Yoga Kid

    “Mama, will you play yoga with me?” My daughter has grown up with yoga in the house. I came to this practice in a serious way when she was just a baby and it’s been at least one of my jobs to teach yoga ever since she was four. This past Fall, I […]

Playlist Thursday – And all that Jazz

  It’s a balmy -15 here in Cranbrook today – and mostly cloudy to boot. My original plan was for some showtunes here on Playlist Thursday as a way to boost our spirits on a cold day. After discussing this theme with some of my favourite showtune experts (my mom and my soul friend, B) […]

Deck the Halls with all your Baggage – Or, how I’m surviving the holidays

Fa la la la la… I love the holidays. My whole family loves the holidays. We have more traditions than we know what to do with and I adore every single one of them. So you can imagine my surprise when December first hit and along with it came attendant anxiety. Bizarre? Yes. But also, […]

An Oasis for the Heart – The Joy of Heart Yoga Retreat with Karuna and Paul Erickson

I attended a workshop The Joy of Heart Yoga this weekend at my home studio with Karuna and Paul Erickson. I’d been at a really…stuck place with my own practice and it had been months, I am sad to say, since I last attended the studio class of another teacher. I’ve been expecting more, quicker advancement out […]

What Are You Doing New Year’s, New Year’s Resolution?

Did I get this song in your head? I intended to… I normally don’t do resolutions. Primarily because the word itself feels like something to rebel against. All through most of my late twenties, I’ve ended the old year and started the new with an intention. I intended 27 to be my best year ever. It wasn’t…but […]