Sunday Funday – Spring Cleaning

I’m as lazy as the next guy. I love me a good Netflix day (my new show is The Good Wife. Are you watching? Really empowered, complex female characters), especially when the weather sucks. Today, the sun is shining and my mama-in-law and sis-in-law are on their way for a visit from the West Koots. […]

Do you Yogassage?

Some things are just better together Like chocolate and peanut butter, like gin and lime, like peas in a pod. Like Yoga and Massage Yoga + Massage = Yogassage And that’s where you could have found me and Rhonda around six o’clock to last night. In OneLove Cranbrook’s beautiful warm studio, (literally) drooling on our […]

Gentle Advice for Your Next Sh*tty Day

I had a tough one yesterday. It was the fourth day of a long weekend. My husband is away, my son is teething, I missed the opportunity to get myself and the kids and dog outside in the brief moments of sunshine because it was too much of a hassle to get everyone ready to […]

How to Beat Winter Germies

Earlier this winter, my entire family (husband, daughter, dad, and infant) were all struck down with the devil cold from Hell. Interestingly, only my mother and I were spared. Mom had some suspicious “allergies” around that time and I only had just the edges of the unholy Hellbeast. This is particularly stunning, given the fact […]

Everything I Learned About Nutrition from being Anemic and Diabetic

In about a week’s time, my son is going to be four months old. Time is moving unimaginably fast right now. Just me? This is a post that I’ve been planning on writing for months, but have been postponing because it’s going to take me a while to write. Tonight, I have the opportunity because […]

How to Get Inspired When It’s Just Not Happening

It’s January the 58th. Another grey day. If you’re anything at all like me, it’s hard to get mojo’d on a day like this. What I really want to do is eat carbs and watch Netflix all day (which I may be more inclined to actually do if not for the fact that I’ve finished […]