The Premium 1:1 Coaching Package is a 6-month intensive for the creative, female entrepreneur who is sick and tired of struggling and is READY to grow a thriving and sustainable soul-based business.

About 5 years ago, I was a stressed out high-level commercial insurance broker who REALLY wanted to work for myself so that I could create the level of income I desired, make the difference in the world that I know I came here to make, and NEVER again be told, “it’s not personal, Erin. It’s business”.

When I first left my corporate job, I was trying to make a living by following my dream of teaching yoga. I thought that if I taught a TON of classes, that I could make great money and be doing what I loved…WRONG. I was teaching 15-20 classes some weeks and making about a quarter of my corporate salary.

I stopped teaching yoga when I was super pregnant with my son and decided to get serious about being online (I’d previously created a blog/website so that I could scratch my writing and design itch, as well as communicate my yoga teaching schedule). So I signed up for B-School with no clear business plan, but a lot of enthusiasm.

When I became a coach, I KNEW I had found my calling and I REALLY wanted to make my living as an online changer-of-lives, but I was still in a very day-job-mentality of needing to swap dollars for hours.

My first ever paying coaching client paid me $50. A month. Which was my hourly rate, and we broke it down into 15 minute sessions!


What I really wanted was to contribute to my family’s income growth, while being a present parent to my two awesome kids. My husband works away for 2/3rds of the time, so it really wasn’t even an option to go back to a cubicle, EVEN if I wanted to (which I totally didn’t).

Near the end of my corporate life, I started to have panic attacks (as though my blazer and scarf were trying to choke me out and my cubicle was shrinking. no joke). Now, I was having panic attacks because I had FINALLY figured out my calling here in the world and I couldn’t seem to figure out a way to make money doing it.

I felt like I was wasting my potential. In my former career, I had both made and saved MILLIONS of dollars for other people. I felt like if I didn’t do the same for myself, I was completely failing at life.

The rock bottom came for me when, three months after we had moved into our big, gorgeous dream home in a fantastic neighborhood, the company my husband worked for went bankrupt.

Suddenly, we found ourselves with double the mortgage, and no income. We were burning through our hard-earned savings at an alarming rate, and there were no prospects in sight for either of us. 

One day, about a month after my husband lost his job, and after about eight months of being my own boss and making 0-$500 per month, I decided that it was time to pack it in and get a job.

I applied for a very high-end sales position with a local company. I got all dressed up super cute and went to the interview and SLAYED it. Several of my former corporate contacts stepped up and wrote GLOWING letters of reference. One extremely influential former employer even phoned the company I was interviewing at, in advance of the interview, and told them they’d be nuts not to hire me. 

It felt really amazing to know that I could still kill it at such a bad-ass job. 

And then, I went home. I saw my son, who had just turned 1 and wondered, “would he miss me?, If he was in daycare all week?”

I thought of my daughter and how she had been in daycare from the time she was 8 months old because I’d known of no other option back then besides working 50-60 hour weeks. 

Not only would folding my business and going back to a busy corporate job mean that my dream of self employment was going to go up in smoke, but it would also mean that everything my husband and I had dreamed for our lifestyle and our family would be completely out the door too.


Thankfully, the night before I was supposed to hear back from this big, new job that I was pretty certain I was going to be offered, I had a thought.

I thought: if I can sell myself for this really important sales job with a high salary, and if so many of my former employers and colleagues whom I respect so deeply think so well of me,



I thought of all of the times I’d come up with creative solutions on the job. All the times I had marketed large accounts that no one else had wanted to touch. How I’d become known as the go-to for hard-to-place/hard-to-please clients. I thought about how quickly I’d risen through the ranks and how I’d done all of that, while constantly being told, “it’s not personal. it’s business” and “you care too much”. 

What if I turned that same grit, determination, communication, and creative problem-solving FULLY towards my self and my clients?

What became clear to me in that moment was that there was so much power in deciding to devote exactly as much time, effort, money, and energy towards growing my business as I had towards creating a thriving corporate career. 

I’ve literally never looked back, from that moment on. I immediately sent a (very respectful) email, withdrawing from candidacy from the job. 

Since then, I’ve learned a LOT about being an online entrepreneur.

I’ve learned that it’s NOT for everybody.

I’ve learned that it’s not as easy as some people make it look on Facebook.

I’ve also learned that just because I was a one-woman show did NOT mean that I should go it alone. 

If you’ve decided that creating and growing your soul-based business absolutely IS for you, I strongly recommend that you stop treating it like a hobby and get serious about deciding that you’re in it for the long haul, whatever that takes. I really suggest that you employ spiritual practices ALONG with your strategic steps.

When I realized that I had been treating my business like

A: a hobby and

B: like going back to corporate was the end game, I doubled down on my commitment.

I began to show up consistently for my audience. I packaged my services instead of charging by the hour. I hired my first 1:1 coach and travelled from the small town in Canada where I live to New York City to attend one of her live events. 

Within a couple of WEEKS of taking those first steps towards getting my mindset and discipline in check (and creating my first premium package), I had received my first high-paying clients. I went from bringing in $500 or less per month in my business, to creating consistent $1k-$2k and now, only a year later, I’ve already quadrupled my annual revenue with MUCH more ease and flow.

If you’re a creative woman entrepreneur with a service-based business who’s sick of feeling like you have all this great stuff to give and all of these people to serve but you’re struggling to make consistent income doing so, then I really would love to invite you to join me in my new


Can't Wait Any Longer?

What You’ll Come Away With:

  1. A Package of your Services that you can be PROUD to sell
  2. The sales skills and support to feel like you can sell your stuff, YOUR way (in total alignment, in flow, with confidence)
  3. Mastery of your Money Mindset and a pile of rubble where your sales blocks used to be
  4. Accountability THROUGHOUT – one of the BIGGEST advantages of 1:1 coaching is having someone hold your feet to the fire and make sure you’re being disciplined and strategic in the direction of the stuff that gets you success in your biggest goals and intentions (SUPER important for super creative people)
  5. I hold the bar super high for the women I take on as premium clients. I see the vision they hold for themselves, triple it, and then hold space for them to get there. I have enthusiasm for DAYS and I refuse to let yourself play small, even for one self-indulgent moment

What’s Included:

  • 6 month’s of bi-weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching with me, with mindset homework and email access to me in between sessions so you can implement and integrate your session breakthroughs ($9,000 value)
  • Access to my self study course: 6 Weeks to Better Boundaries to help you shore up the treatment you allow from clients, friends, colleagues, lovers, and family members. ($444 Value)
  • My Self Love Care Package because income and clients are magnetized to confident women, and confident women are built on self love ($297 value)
  • Access to Techy Business Stuff: for Creative Women who Hate Techy Business Stuff in case you need some tech brush-ups ($1,111 value)
  • A 7 month membership to my Make Your Own Rules Club. You’ll feel super loved and supported by the sweet (yet delightfully salty) women in my coaching community PLUS receive weekly group coaching and ongoing challenges to deepen your practices in things like goal-setting, meditation, journaling, time management, self care, and manifesting ($77.77 value)


A space at my intimate, small group coaching experience in California March 22-23. Hiking, coaching, spa day, yoga, meditation, and boozy lunches ($4,444 value)


If you book your Premium 1:1 Coaching Package prior to December 15th, 2017, you receive a Kickstart as my gift to you ($447 value)

* a 60 minute Letting Go of 2017 session (to be booked in November or December, ideally). Deep dive coaching (and bespoke guided meditation) to help you release all the things from 2017 – (good and bad) so that you have tons of space for new cool shit.

* a 60 minute 12 Months Ahead Card Reading to be booked between now and January to see what Life and Intuition and Universal Forces have in store for you in the next year and to give you a head start to prepare yourself.

* a 60 minute SUPER deep Goal and Intention Setting Coaching session for 2018 (best booked for January) (value: $2,250)

Total Package value: $17,000 +-

PLUS a $5k value surprise bonus coming in Spring 2018

Which means the total value is closer to $22K

Your Investment:

$10,000 Canadian dollars

(Which is approximately a $12K savings…Just sayin’)

(a sweet savings if you’re from the US or UK as the exchange rates swing heavily your way)

*Payment plans available

Click the link to apply today.

If your application makes me feel like we’re a great fit, you’ll hear from someone on my team with a link to my calendar for a complimentary 60 minute Breakthrough Call (value: $750). This is a super high value program and I expect it to sell out so don’t procrastinate, babe. (There’s only one space left available)!!!