Dream Chasers – Let’s Commit


Are you a Dream Chaser? I know for sure that I am.

How do you know if you’re a Dream Chaser? What makes a Dream Chaser different from a dreamer?

A Dream Chaser is a dreamer in action

Anyone can dream. We dream of a better life, of more money, of more free time, of a creative lifestyle. We dream of solutions to our problems and of beauty and of peace and of freedom.

A Dream Chaser goes and gets these things, in spite of obstacles and finances and not-right-nows.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, have you read the Overview? It contains the steps to realizing your dreams. Have you read and answered the Essential Questions? These are the perfect places to start…


Cool. Let’s move it along, shall we? We’ve put it off for long enough. Now is the time.

Today, I want to talk to you about commitment. Commitment is one of the most important steps to getting your heart and soul’s desire. 100%, clever, targeted commitment. I know it’s not sexy. Dream Chasers realize that while dreaming is sexy, Dream Chasing is gritty and sweaty and devoid of rose-coloured glasses (but still entirely worth it).


One of the rudest awakenings for me came when I realized that, although I had always privately self-identified as a writer, I never actually wrote. I always told myself that I was busy living my story and I would write it later. You can see the flaws in this, right? The chief flaw being that when I was through with “living my story” I would be dead.

If you’re Winston Churchill (who incidentally wrote prolifically during his lifetime) perhaps you can rely on someone writing your story for you after you are dead. If you are me, that’s a pretty darn big risk.

Two years ago, with the motto “Writers Write” ringing through my mind, I started this blog. I wrote sporadically, when something happened that I felt was worth writing about, or when I had time, or when inspiration struck.

At the start of 2015, however, I knew I needed to kick my commitment game up to the next level.

From this knowing, a proclamation was born.


I promised myself (and the Internet) that I would write every day for an entire year. A few years ago, I promised myself that I would practice Yoga every day for one year.

So when I talk to you about commitment, please trust that I’m well-acquainted with the pitfalls as well as the perks that true commitment entails


Here’s what’s great about commitment:

  •  you don’t need to worry so much about quality

I understand that you may not feel ready to commit to your goal on a daily basis, but it is crucial that you commit time and energy in some regard in order to taking your dreaming to the level of form.

How many of you out there commit to watching The Bachelor every week? Who the fuck dates these guys? Seriously? Who thinks this is a good idea? As if dating isn’t hard enough. Sorry, I digress…

Give your dreams at least an hour on Thursday nights. Or fifteen minutes on a Friday morning. Give it as much as you realistically can and stick to that commitment like super glue.

Every day works for me, because then there are no excuses. I usually end up writing in the morning because it works for me, but I know if I haven’t written by evening, I need to get my shit together.

The great thing about designating time – be it weekly, daily, monthly, whatever – is that all you really need to do is show up.

I didn’t tell myself (and the Internet) that I would write something brilliant every day. Just that I would show up.

  • showing up is inherently alchemical (not a word? seems like it should be a word…)

Committing your time and energy to the manifestation of that which you so desire will bring helpers into your life in the most amazing ways. People, places, and things will move toward you on the great checkerboard of life. Mentors, editors, kindred spirits. Books, lectures, courses. This is not just because Facebook is really good at algorithms (although that’s got a little to do with it).

Remember how I said that I didn’t promise myself any kind of quality? Well, sometimes, just by showing up, the quality finds me.

Your Muse has a much easier time musing if She finds you head down in your work. All the creative greats say so.

  •  it feels really good

Showing up for yourself feels wonderful. I promise you that if you show up for your dreams, you will feel satisfied in a way that procrastinating can never give to you. I’ve said before that punking out on yourself is more painful than sucking it up. More painful by far. Showing up is like a great drug. It creates its own momentum. Showing up will make you want to show up again tomorrow. Even on the days when showing up is balls.


Ok, so there are gonna be some drawbacks too:

  • Some days, showing up is gonna suck

You’re going to have to show up on days when you’re tired or sick or uninspired. It’s inevitable, but it’s what the pros do. I once read somewhere that the actress who played Peter Pan on Broadway once performed an entire show while wearing an adult diaper, necessary because of food poisoning. Sound shitty? (see what I did there?) That’s because it is. Being a grown-up about your dream is going to suck sometimes. It’s still better than not showing up.

  • Committing – really committing – requires a Herculean effort in vulnerability

Gone are the days when you can honestly say, “Oh well, I didn’t really want that anyway,” if things go sideways or you fuck shit up.

You can assuage this by reminding yourself that you are on the path now. You may detour, you may breakdown, but you can never again leave your path.

Committing means that your passion requires  whole new level of responsibility from you. The upside is that it gives you access to a whole new level of success.


Now’s the time, Dear One. Now that you’ve identified what it is that you want and taken into account that which is holding you back (is one of your hold-backs really just procrastination with a fake mustache and sunglasses?).

So, sit down, right now. Make a schedule. Set an Editorial Calendar. Make a workout buddy or an appointment with a trainer. Put a down payment on Yoga teacher training. Figure out the most realistic commitment you can offer to that big, beautiful dream of yours’. Then tell a bunch of people about it. Your most supportive tribe members. Tell them to check in on you to make sure that you’re not punking out on yourself.

Then all you have to do is follow-through.

I believe in you,

Er xo

PS Stay tuned for more Dream Chaser tips and tricks in the upcoming weeks.

PPS Email me at mcdonalderin@hotmail.com if you feel like some private coaching would help you to commit to the life of your dreams. Let’s turn Dream Chasing into Dream Catching.

Erin McDonald
Business Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs at ClumsyGrace
Erin is an International Transformational Coach, obsessed with facilitating change in the lives of incredible, hilarious women. She's a Mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and cousin; a seeker (and occasional finder) of an authentic life in all its disastrous glory. She has a brave heart, believes in magic, loves tacos, and always wins at Whack-a-Mole
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About the author : Erin McDonald

Erin McDonald
Erin is an International Transformational Coach, obsessed with facilitating change in the lives of incredible, hilarious women. She's a Mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and cousin; a seeker (and occasional finder) of an authentic life in all its disastrous glory. She has a brave heart, believes in magic, loves tacos, and always wins at Whack-a-Mole