I Made You a Podcast

ClumsyGrace PodcastI’m completely obsessed with women creating the kind of business success that they desire in the world

even though I’ve added and subtracted a lot of different services over the years, this one fact has been unwavering. I want you to succeed (by your own definition).

In the many, many conversations I’m privileged to have, I’ve come to feel that women in business are actually a super underserved market.

Small town women

Small business owners

Moms (including moms who don’t necessarily identify with Pinterest moms)

Women in sales who are responsible for their own business development (ie realtors, insurance sales people, women in finance, accountants, interior designers)

After spending the past 12 months serving online professionals from literally all over the world, I’ve come to learn that…coaches have coaches. Coaches have marketing coaches and branding coaches and mindset coaches.

As much as I love working internationally, I felt a strong call to serve those incredible women who aren’t able to post #laptoplifestyle from poolside in Bali because they own a store. Or because they sell houses in the town in which they live.

Hardworking women, sometimes with small ad budgets, in areas where social marketing is still emerging.

So, for now (until things change, as they always do), that’s who this podcast is geared towards.

Will you still find this podcast valuable and interesting if you’re a dude in business? Maybe. I’d love to hear from you. The suggestions still apply, but my languaging and bent is deliberately female.

Will you be into it if you’re a service-based, online-entrepreneur? I hope so! A lot of the concepts are ones that you’ve had drilled into you since you started online and…I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, boo (though I’m sure you’ve started to sense it) that market is saturated as HELL. That’s cool. You just need to be better than everyone. I, for one, KNOW you can do that. I hope you find value in the stuff we discuss on this podcast. Down the line, there’s very likely going to be some episodes specifically around how to create stand-out content. For now, I highly suggest you explore new and different platforms and modalities so that you can be the first in your industry to make seven figures on music.ly or that farming game my ten year old plays.

Here’s the Podcast, if you’re sick of waiting 

Episode List:

Episode 1: Real Social Marketing for Small Biz Women (With Big Goals and Small Budgets)

Episode 2: Decrease Your Ad Budget (and Reach More People)

Episode 3: You’re NOT Too Sensitive For Sales

Episode 4: Who The Heck Are You FOR?

Episode 5: The Myth of Motivation



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