Do you often wonder why it is that your days seem to be filled with drama?
Or why you never seem to get the love you crave from your romantic relationships?
Do you have a whole ton of health problems that never seem to go away or are you exhausted all the damn time?

*raises hand*

I’ve SO been there.

I’ve been heartbroken, sick, unhealthy, sad, and dissatisfied with my work.

I remember a time in the not-so-distant past when a man I loved left my daughter and me in a foreign country (not a super unsafe foreign country or anything, but not our country of origin. we were on vacay and he got drunk, picked a fight, and flew back to Canada sans moi).

He packed his shit, and walked angrily away down the darkened streets, rolling his suitcase behind him (with zero backwards glance).

First, I threw up.

Then, I cried a lot.

Then, I asked everyone, from my best friend to my dad,“I have all this love. Why doesn’t anyone want it?”
The answer, which came to me slowly over time from the depths of my own battered heart (this was neither the first nor the last incident of my being in an unloving relationship)

It’s the solution

I had been looking for. For years.
It’s probably the solution, regardless of the problem you’re facing (unless, of course, you’re a narcissist or a sociopath…in which case I ask that you kindly take your leave because I’ve already tried to love plenty of you, to no avail).

At the very least, it’s the place to start. Because when you start with self-love, it’s easy to make day-to-day decisions from a place that’s connected to YOUR deepest desires and truest intuition.

Here’s the thing.

When you love yourself A LOT, you:

 forgive your past mistakes easily

 are SUPER fucking choosy about the people who get to spend time with you

work at a job that fills you up because you know your resources are precious

are creative, because it feels good

don’t procrastinate a whole lot

 eat well, because it feels good

sometimes have poutine, because it’s delicious and it feeds your soul

move your body, becauseit feels good

 sometimes spend an entire weekend in your bed, watching The OA because it’s delicious and it feeds your soul

are comfortable saying no, being alone, quitting, and walking away because you love yourself SO DAMN MUCH that you would NEVER choose anyone else’s comfort or happiness over your own

Are you listening?

The thing about loving yourself enough is that it is an ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY prerequisite to all the cool shit that you want to make manifest in your life.

If you can start to THINK, SPEAK, and BEHAVE as though you love yourself, Life can’t help but show you further evidence of its own Divine love for you.

I didn’t:

  • have a second baby when I never thought I would
  • start my dream business

Because I somehow CAME OUT OF A BOX  loving myself enough!!!

I manifested all of those things because I had no idea how to love myself BUT I LEARNED.

Self love is a muscle and it can be trained, the same as any other muscle.

Here’s how I’ve trained mine over the years, so that my self-love works FOR me and WITH a benevolent Universe ON MY BEHALF all the damn time:


affirm (with evidence)

change my language around my sweet self (no more shitty self talk. zero. none. not acceptable)




THAT’S WHY I put together the Self Love Care Package