Playlist Thursday – Universal DJ

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Confession: I just got a new IPhone and I have no idea how to use it. I’ve been a Blackberry gal all this time because I love the keyboard. My IPod bit the dust the same day I got my new phone, so I’ve been transferring all my music from pod to phone.

I remember being a kid and having dinner with friends of ours’. While doing dishes, our friend, S would wash and then leave the dishes in the rack, “God’s doing the drying.”

That’s how this playlist came about. It’s 80% randomness because I don’t know how to use my phone  and 20% I-really-love-that-song.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta let the Universal DJ do his thang…

(Sometimes, there’s no other choice)

* Get Back to Serenity – Vargo (from the Very Best of Cafe del Mar)

* Heading for the Sunrise – Steen Thottrup & Annette Berg (also from Cafe del Mar)

* Helpless – The Band feat. Neil Young (Concert Version from The Last Waltz)
(Cried during my own class while this one played.)

* Smile – Sierra Leon’s Refugee All Stars (You need to watch their story) My hubby and I saw them at Starbelly Jam this past summer. The only thing more striking than their story of triumph of the human spirit is their catchy smiles and joyful lyrics)

* Tura Lura Lura – The Band (Live at The Last Waltz)
Also made me cry.

* 100 Billion Stars – Lux (also from Cafe del Mar)

* Arms of Mary – Chilliwack (I love this song. It’s about doin’ it. Just sayin’.)

* #Beautiful – Mariah Carey feat. Miguel.
Go ahead and judge me. I’m 31 now and I don’t care if you know that I like Mariah Carey.

* Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys
Go Girl.

* Heart of Gold – Neil Young

* I’m Goin’ Down – Bruce Springsteen
I have a Bruce Springsteen problem…

* The Long Run (Live) – The Eagles

* OM Namah Shivaya – MC Yogi feat. Bhagavan Das
What’s a yoga class without a little Sanskrit?

* 6th Avenue Heartache – The Wallflowers
WTF ever happened to The Wallflowers? Anybody?

* Beach Waves – Nature Sounds

* Desire (Ambient Mix) – Blank & Jones

This has been a crazy week, filled with crazy times for this crazy chick. As an aside, I was greatly aided by this book:

 It’s not just for artists. It’s for anyone (everyone) who’s looking to overcome Resistance and get closer to the life we’re all hoping to live. It’s as practical and pragmatic a guide as you’re ever going to get.
Stop. Camel Time. Haha. Get it?
Looking forward (giddily) to practicing with those of you who can make it to class today. It’s a really special day to me because it’s a karma class to benefit Bridges to Community. Bridges is a group that’s really close to my heart. A few years back I travelled with a girlfriend of mine to Nicaragua. We fund raised for six months and participated in the building of two houses. It improved the lives of people who became very dear to us and it sure as heck changed us in the process. If you’d like to learn more, visit them right here
One last thing. S and I made this video upon our return:  here
 Love you more than you know,
Erin McDonald
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I'm a writer, a yoga teacher, and a Dream Chaser Coach; a Mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter, cousin. I'm a seeker (and occasional finder) of an authentic life in all its disastrous glory. I fall down, I get up, I tell the tale. I have a brave heart and I believe in magic. I always win at Whack-a-Mole.