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Hi everyone, I’m Ben, a friend of the wonderful Erin.  I’ve loved Playlist Thursdays since the first one, and I asked her if I could bring in a guest playlist this week.  I think she agreed just because she wanted to see how many songs I would pick that would make her cry.  Given this list, I think it’ll be at least 4 🙂

I’ve just seen a face – The Beatles, but the Across the Universe version.  This song so perfectly captures the excitement of meeting someone new.

The Bright Side of the Road – Van Morrison.  Erin and I agree that this is the happiest song ever written by anyone.

Somewhere down the Crazy River – Robbie Robertson.  This always makes me think of my Dad, who played this album continuously when it came out.

Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes – Paul Simon.  Best song on Graceland, though there’s like 5 other masterpieces on there.

The Wind – Cat Stevens.  This was going to be America, but as I was thinking about writing how great that song is in Almost Famous, I remembered that this is the best and most beautiful scene in that move.

If You Want to Sing Out – Cat Stevens.  Always makes me think of my Mom, who adores Harold and Maude.  This song takes me to my happy place.

(This is where I almost included “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens, just for the express purpose of making Erin cry)

Jesus was a Capricorn – Kris Kristofferson.  I actually texted Erin to ask if this might be inappropriate.  She laughed at me.  A lot.

The 105 – Lake of Stew.  For my sister, since this is from her old hood in Montreal.

River of Dreams – Billy Joel.  It’s a scientific fact that Billy Joel is the best car music since it provides opportunities for enthusiastic back-up singing from passengers, complete with passing of imaginary microphones.

Africa – Toto.  The last time I took a class from Erin (which was wonderful.  Seriously, if it’s possible that anyone reading this hasn’t had the opportunity, do it right now), I joked with her that this song desperately needed to be on it.  If only Community had done a full version.

Because the Night – Bruce Springsteen.  Because I’m a feeling more than a little sappy lately, one of the best love songs by Bruce.  The Live E street version, because Bruce.

If I Fall Behind – Bruce again.  His other best love song.  Again, live, because of course.  Seriously, the all Bruce channel on sirius is worth the price of sirius by itself.  This song doesn’t feel quite the same now knowing that the big man is gone.

Good Man – Josh Ritter.  A great Redgirl staple

The Curse – Josh Ritter again.  An incredibly beautiful and haunting tune about doomed love.

Stay Human – Michael Franti.  I actually saw this dude perform with Spearhead in a baseball field in Ymir in 2008, and it was an amazing show. Pure energy and love flowing from the stage.

Ain’t No Reason – Brett Dennen.  My sister-in-law adores this guy, and she’s right to.  A wonderful voice.

Ol’55 – Sarah Mclachlan.  It was at this point that I realized that my list was entirely composed of dudes.  Oops.  This is a wonderful cover of a great Tom Waits tune.

Bird on a Wire – Johnny Cash.  Continuing the cover trend, this is my sister’s favourite Leonard Cohen song.

Into the Mystic – Van Morrison.  The most beautiful love song ever written, accept no covers (with apologies to Colin James)

A Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong.  I can’t possibly say anything new or original about Louis, so I won’t try.

Thanks for letting me contribute, Erin, hopefully there will be more hip-hop on the next one 🙂

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