Make Your Own Rules Club


6 Weeks to better boundaries clumsy grace

What if I told you that you could create your own rules?

What if I told you that Life was just WAITING patiently for you to grab a hold of the power and beauty and love that is the truth of who you truly are?

Would you believe the little voice in your heart that whisper-shouted, “YES” when you read those words?

Or would you believe the smallness of your ego, when it yelled, “NONONONONONONONONO NOT ME! ANYONE BUT ME!”? That’s the choice that we’re all faced with, all day, every day. Love or ego Fear or joy Fun or drag

My way or the way I’ve always been told (or interpreted) that it had to be done

all day. So many choices. That’s why I am creating a new membership group. Because the choices are endless and without support and accountability and love and humour, it can feel really lonely to just be a human, making choices all day long. The Make Your Own Rules Club will be hosted in a closed Facebook Group, where I’ll hop in once per week and do group coaching and/or Q&A and/or talk about stuff that’s come up from YOUR posts about life and love and business and health and up-levelling across the board. There’ll very likely be a bonus training here and there as well, based off of stuff that I think the group will find interesting and helpful (or based off of what I think will be fun for me to talk about, because I already make my own rules all the damn time)
  • Group Coaching
  • Mindset Work
  • Powerful Questions (no hiding from your own sparkles here, babes)
  • Bonus Live Trainings
  • Crazy Low Price
  • Three Ways to Get Yourself In (and 3 levels of my attention and coaching)

There are three ways to get in the door*, right now:

*And these doors will NOT stay open for long. (I decided to open them today because it’s the 11th and I really like angel numbers). I’m thinking maybe a week, if that. Either way, don’t delay  

Option A:

Membership group, month to month, cancel whenever: $19/month


Membership group, 7 months: $11.11 per month for 7 months ($56 savings over 7 months)


Option B:

VIP option

Includes membership group + a monthly private 1:1 30 minute ass-kicker coaching call: $122.11 per month for 7 months


PICK YOUR POISON: (click the flamboyance of flamingos of your choice)

By Clicking Any of the Payment Options, I Agree to these Standard Terms & Conditions   Women who coach with me:
  • quit shitty jobs
  • quit shitty relationships
  • quit shitty friendships
  • quit feeling shitty
  • quit talking shit to themselves
  • take action
  • take trips that have been lifelong fantasies
  • create super satisfying and fun love lives
  • create beautiful businesses
  • find their dream jobs
  • create their first paying clients
  • create healthy, happy, boundaried lives and, most importantly
If that sounds like something you’re up for, then it’s time you get fucking started. The rules are all fucking made up. you might as well make rules that feel supportive, fun, intuitively based, aligned, authentic, and YOU! Hit me up on FB if you have any questions!