How not to Settle for ANYTHING Less Than MAGIC


Well, hey there, Internet Friend!

My name’s Erin

I’m a life and business coach for amazing, hilarious, real-life, creative, woo-woo women who desire dream-come-true lives

and I have a question for you:

Where in your life do you currently settle for less than magic, tingles, delight, joy, laughter, or fun?

Are you settling for a meh job that gives you the Sunday-night-anxiety-barf-feeling?

Are you in a relationship because you’ve BEEN in this relationship for four years even though you kinda secretly dread arriving home at the end of the day?

Are you telling yourself that you’re okay with being the kind of person who just feels shitty and tired all the time because eating crap food and not moving is just part of who you are?

How many ways are you telling yourself that you’ll just hang on a little longer and wait until after the move or after the kids leave or after Valentine’s Day or summer or the promotion or retirement to fucking SOMEDAY?
In case I’ve been in some way unclear, I have rage about someday…

Because, I, too, have fallen prey to the Someday Trap

I have tried SO HARD to settle in my own life, SO MANY times

I have rebelled against what my heart knows to be true and all of the whispers of my soul SO HARD.

Like a petulant teenager, I have told my heart:

<3 “Stop feeling things so much. If you didn’t feel things, the shit he said wouldn’t hurt”

<3 “Panic attacks at work are super normal. Imma google how many people have panic attacks at work”

<3 “This job has awesome vacation pay. I’ll just live for after 5:30pm, weekends, and holidays. Who needs more than four hours a day of happiness anyway?”

<3 “It’s normal to drive home in the slow lane to avoid seeing your significant other. I bet tons of people are doing that too”

I’m being a little bit facetious, because, of course I was usually too unconscious to think these things out loud (even out loud in my head). But I have definitely lived in them.

I know how it feels to (try to) settle.

And I think it’s one of the worst feelings in the world

I know how it feels to be terrified of quitting or leaving or breaking up or starting or changing

And I’ve pushed the wisdom of my heart and body aside until they demanded to be heard in order to hang onto that comfort zone

The difference between where I am now (happily married to an awesome man, with two hilarious kids, a beautiful home, in a gorgeous neighbourhood, with a bad-ass business that I own and operate in any way that moves me) and where you might be, is that I FELT THAT FEAR, AND ACTED ANYWAY.

Sometimes it was clumsy. (Okay, most of the time, it was a hot mess…)

I used to wait until I had a health crisis or a nervous breakdown or the deepest, darkest depression before I faced my fears and refused to settle.

Now, I feel that fear and experience something more akin to, “Are we fucking doing this?”.

Not because I’m special.

But because I have exercised my Never Settle for ANYTHING Less Than TOTAL MAGIC muscles. They’re strong now.

Don’t get me wrong. I still feel fear about levelling up and leaving my comfort zone.

Sometimes it makes me cry

Sometimes it feels debilitating

But I never fucking settle anymore. And there’s relief and freedom and MAGIC that comes from that.

So, if you’re settling, you need to get yourself this crazy training I made for you.

It’s OVER TWO HOURS, covering the areas of:

Your Health

Your Love Life

Your Relationships

Your Career

I’ll tell you more specifically how:

  • I tried to settle
  • I failed to settle
  • I broke out of the pattern of settling
  • The amazing results of not settling

And how you can apply these lessons TO YOUR LIFE.


Here’s the thing. Your life is precious as fuck. You matter. You are important.

You were given these desires in your heart because Life wants you to contribute and share and feel joy and exhilaration.

Ready to finally give up the settle?

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I’m going to say this again:

You DID NOT come here to feel mediocre levels of enthusiasm

You DO NOT need to continue to commit to something that doesn’t fit anymore

You DESERVE to feel turned on, creative, passionate, healthy, vital, so loved, and on-purpose.

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