Techy Business Stuff (for Creative Women who Hate Techy Business Stuff)


Well, hey there!

Let me guess…you’re here because you’re:

A: a creative woman who desires to make an income by sharing products or services that light you up


B: you freaking HATE technology. It scares you. It’s intimidating, boring, overwhelming. There’s too much to learn, so you learn none of it (or not enough to implement any strategies that are getting you the sales you want to get).

I see you.

I’m Erin. I’m super creative And spiritual I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing And I’m a Yoga Teacher

Woo Woo and Artsy, all in one curvy,  sweary, sassy, pink-haired package

I also run an online life and biz coaching business. I help women create dream-come-true lives for themselves by changing small habits of thought, word, and deed.

We take big action, in tiny bites.

I work with the most amazing Virtual Assistant, Saprina. She lives in Charleston, SC and I live in Cranbrook, BC. I do 99% of the marketing of my business and connecting with my clients online

So, when I say that I see you, I fucking see you

I wanted to share my heart with my soulmate clients and I knew that the internet was the way to do it

So. I self-taught A TON of shit. It took a long time and sometimes it was super frustrating. But I did it. And I also educated myself. To date, I have invested in: Marie Forleo’s BSchool, Amanda Frances’ Course Creation Queen, and Bill Baren’s Premium Package Success System.

Now, I’m blessed to work 1:1 with amazing, inspired, delightful, hilarious, incredible, passionate, creatives just like you!

I also create online courses. To date, I’ve created and released my Self Love Care Package and my 6 Weeks to Better Boundaries Digital Course. In short, learning my way around techy business stuff has OPENED the doors to my DREAM business.

Riddle me this, chica:

<3 Wouldn’t it feel amazing to completely change the way you feel about doing business online? <3 Don’t you want the freedom to sell your products or services while you sleep? <3 And serve your clients ALL the time?

Don’t  you want to make it SO easy for YOUR soulmate clients to find you and get to know you?

  Sure, in Techy Business Stuff Digital Course, I’m going to teach you the systems you need to know in order to get your business mo-tor-ing online. But because we’re woo-woo creatives around here, I’m also going to give you the energetic and mindset support you’re going to need to BUST DOWN those walls you’ve created around technology FOR GOOD.

Course Outline (but if you want to learn something that’s not in the outline, you HAVE to email me at before we get going because chances are, I can include it):

Week 1:

  • Facebook for Business
    • How to share your work to your personal page (what to say, how to not look spammy)
    • How to create a business Facebook page (and get people to show up)
    • How to create a FB group (and when it’s the right move)
  • Canva/PicMonkey for FB
    • How to size images, create beautiful graphics, and make your FB look so GORGEOUS
  • Basic FB scheduling
    • so you’re not wasting your whole life doing “the scroll”

Week 2:

  • Quickie Instagram Tutorial
    • what in the actual f*ck is a hashtag and what is it for? How do I use it? When? WHY?
    • sizing your images for optimal viewing
    • what to post
    • when to post
    • how much posting is too much posting?

Week 3:

  • How to build a basic WordPress Site
    • buy your domain
    • set up hosting
    • build your site
    • post vs page
    • menues
    • themes
    • photos (when? where? how?)
    • how to sell your shiz from your site!

Week 4:

  • Email for your business
    • MailChimp vs Aweber
    • setting up lists
    • setting up forms
    • spammy spammy laws
    • setting up email campaigns/automation

Week 5:

  • Making an Opt-In
    • What the eff is an opt-in?
    • types of opt-ins
    • is an opt-in right for me?
    • who cares about opt-ins anyway (answer: we do!)
    • creating an opt-in and linking it to your website and email list (shit’s starting to get GOOD!)

Week 6:

  • Getting PAID!!
    • Setting up PayPal for your biz
    • creating pretty PayPal buttons
    • linking it to your site
    • integrating your website, your email lists, and paypal

Week 7:

  • Delivering products online
  • pulling it all together
  • creating videos/uploading them to YouTube
  • a bit about FB Live and Insta Live

Week 8:

  • Implementation Week
  • We’ll do some Challenges (with prizes!) and start SELLING SOME SHIT ONLINE! (if you haven’t already)
  • You’ll be able to ask me questions at AT LEAST one Live Q&A

Week 9:

  • Let’s just remove the words “marketing” and “sales” from our list of dirty words, shall we?

Week 10:

  • More implementing, more selling, more challenging, more Live Q&A
  Every week will include spiritual tools like meditation, EFT/Tapping, affirmations, and tons of woo-woo satisfying activities so that we can integrate this information into your SOUL. Because I truly believe that tech can be super soulful.

Are you as psyched as I am to FINALLY bust down this block?

Let’s get real for a second here:

Technology is NOW. It is HAPPENING. It is a way for us to do business and share our love and light and art and hearts with people ALL OVER THE FRIGGIN’ WORLD.

Technology is miraculous.

I run my business from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I make money and serve amazing women FROM MY FRIGGIN’ PHONE.

I set my hours, I choose my clients, I shine MY light. It’s PERSONAL and it’s business. And I literally could NOT do any of those things if not for the magic of tech. So, let’s do this. Let’s make this happen together for you. Because you did NOT come here to settle. You did NOT come here to hold back because you’re afraid. It is YOUR time.
I believe in you.

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