Love From my Peeps (Testimonials)

Testimonials from my loves

Wanna Chase Dreams together? 





Wanna Chase Dreams together? 

Praise for Soul Classes (with Brenda Babinski)

* A really fantastic couple of ladies who take you through a real and beautiful journey. You made everything easy to understand and relatable. Pure magic!

*I LOVE Every Class I Went To!

“you are awesome!!! You help me to feel connected in my disconnected life!” – Tracey R

“you are amazing in your clumsiness……with love”

-Janice Martin, CEO Magnum Consultingj

Thank you Erin! You are an amazing human being and this speaks directly to my soul. I believe that things come into your life when you need them most. Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart!

– Jenn M.

Thank you Erin for your continual inspiriation.

Lisa M

Praise for Spring Soul Retreat 2016

“This retreat was so Amazing,I can’t say enough wonderful things about the whole experience! I received so much personal spirit growth, many new friends & abundance of LOVE . I truly came home from it feeling truly BLESSED. Thank you Lovley Ladies for an unforgettable experience, looking forward to our next!”

This was a great weekend full of new energy and awakenings for me and just the start of my great journey


Brenda, Erin, you are truly amazing women. You bring so much love. You are doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing on this earth. I feel real blessed to have crossed paths with you ladies and will be forever grateful.

Praise for Mind + Body + Connect (a movement-based program for middle school-aged girls)

“This program really helped me throughout the year. It was a pleasure to work with Erin. I hope I get to participate with the group and her again” – Aurora G

” Erin was really fun to be with” – Frances H

My favourite thing about Mind + Body + Connect was…

“Taking time to forget everything bad, and just connect with myself and making a positive outlook on the bad stuff” – Avery S

“Meeting and connecting with other girls”

“I can’t pick a favourite” – Aurora G

“The nap at the end” -Zeena P

Mind + Body + Connect helped me with the following:

“my anxiety. I’m more focused on core subjects like math and science” – Zeena P

“It helped me manage my stress and bond with a lot of people and open up a lot more”

“Your strategies have helped me with anxiety as I’m sure you helped everyone”

“Thank you for making my Tuesdays better”


Wanna Chase Dreams together? 

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