Interview with Natasha Botbiji

  I was beyond thrilled to be interviewed by Natasha yesterday We talked about one of my favourite topics — the evolution of a dream business (in this case, mine!). Over the course of my business things have changed a lot. Ten years ago, 24 and pregnant with my daughter. I was a graduate of a prestigious […]

Decision Making Card Spread

Happy Monday, Beautiful <3 This week, I had a decision to make. There’s a course that I’ve really been wanting to take for about a year now. The cart opened on Friday. I had a discount! I felt that it would seriously enhance my business to take it. Buut… It was a relatively large investment… aaaand… […]

Green Witch Tarot – Monday Reading

Happy Monday, Happy Spring(ish), Happy Easter (if that’s your bag)! Sorry to be a little tardy with today’s reading. I’ve been indulging in some family/pyjama time (and I sure hope you have been indulging in that which fills up your heart too). This week’s reading comes to you from my brand new Green Witch Tarot […]