Yeah, But What’s REALLY Your Point of Resistance?

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I know it seems like you can never REALLY do the thing

Lord knows you can’t afford it

And you have zero time

Maybe you’ll manifest the money later

or find some time when the kids are all in school

Maybe once you’ve educated yourself more or taken more training or lost ten pounds or gotten more flexible.

THEN you’ll START taking some steps toward feeling better in your life. THEN you’ll start THAT THING that’s been on your heart literally for years and years.

But what if, out of nowhere, you received a windfall of cash or magically created three extra hours per week? Do you think that you’d feel ready, qualified, worthy? Or do you think that maybe there’s some resistance UNDER the resistance?

Check out this vid I recorded, all about this very topic and then head over to and leave me some comments! I want to hear your answers to the big Q’s that I A’d xo

Erin McDonald
Writer, Yoga Teacher, Dream Chaser Coach at ClumsyGrace
I'm a writer, a yoga teacher, and a Dream Chaser Coach; a Mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter, cousin. I'm a seeker (and occasional finder) of an authentic life in all its disastrous glory. I fall down, I get up, I tell the tale. I have a brave heart and I believe in magic. I always win at Whack-a-Mole.